Invitation to Teach at the Glass Art Symposium 2021!

What is Glass Art Symposium?

The Glass Art Symposium is an online event during a whole week of October 2021 - showcasing Workshops & Demos from 30+ of the world’s best glass artists. Each workshop will be online for 1 day during the month, where people can watch it.

Glass Art Symposium will happen from Oct 25th to Oct 29th 2021.

This is an awesome opportunity for you to share your knowledge, get a lot more visibility and have a residual income.

Your workshop can be taped from your home or studio with your phone. You just need to film on your smartphone and our team of editors will edit it all together. You will also get from us some cool tips on how to get this done. If you live in Utah, we will record the workshop in our studios.

Some categories in our symposium:
  • Fused Glass
  • Recycled glass art
  • Mosaic
  • Glass beads
  • Glass Blowing
  • Lampwork
  • Stained Glass
  • Painted Glass
  • ...and more!
There will be income coming to you during the symposium and after. More information provided upon application approval.
Deadline for submissions: September 12, 2021. But remember, the sooner, the better so we can start promoting your class
Glass Art Symposium 2021
Glass Art Symposium 2021